Who is the BC Non-Profit Housing Association?

BCNPHA is an umbrella association representing the non-profit housing sector throughout the province of BC. The Association is comprised of over 500 non-profit housing societies, businesses, individuals and stakeholders.

What is the role of BC Non-Profit Housing Association?

The BC Non-Profit Housing Association provides leadership and support to members in creating and supporting a high standard of affordable housing throughout British Columbia. Click here to see our Mission Statement.

Why should I become a member?

Membership of BCNPHA offers education, support, and services to help affordable housing providers.  Members receive preferential pricing for events, and education courses.  Housing societies can access programs and services to save money and increase revenue.  Associate members include the wider non-profit sector, government organizations, and the private sector. For more information and to apply for membership visit our membership page or email membership@bcnpha.ca.

What kind of education services does BCNPHA offer?

BCNPHA offers a range of in-person and online education workshops and courses.  BCNPHA’s annual Conference and Regional Education, Networking & Tradeshow (RENTs) offer education and networking opportunities around the province each year.

My company provides goods & services to the non-profit housing sector. How can I advertise our services at a reasonable price?

BCNPHA publishes a quarterly newsletter, InfoLink, which has a circulation of over 1,700 copies.  Advertising rates are very competitive, with preferential rates for members, contact communications@bcnpha.ca for more details. BCNPHA Service Associate members receive a free listing in the BCNPHA online Supplier Directory.

What is non-profit housing?

Non-profit housing is rental housing that is owned and operated by community-based non-profit societies. The mandates of these societies is to provide safe, secure affordable accommodation to households with low to moderate incomes. Most non-profit housing societies receive some form of financial assistance from government to enable them to offer affordable rents. Each society operates independently under the direction of a volunteer board of directors. Most employ staff to manage the day-to-day operations, though some smaller societies are run by volunteers. Non-profit housing is not public housing.

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