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Capital Planning 100 is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of capital planning. This entry-level course is well suited to those who are new to the field of asset management, or those who are taking on a new role in their organization that includes looking after building systems. Participants will learn what a capital plan is, why it’s important, and how to create one. It will equip you福彩app是正规的吗 with a strong understanding of the terminology you福彩app是正规的吗’ll encounter as you福彩app是正规的吗 move through the capital planning process.

Topics include:

Introduction to Capital Planning Fundamentals | The Building Condition Assessment | Liabilities vs. Replacement Costs | Project Costing | Funding a Capital Plan | Financial Reserves | Updating a Capital Plan | Final Assignment and Thoughts

What you福彩app是正规的吗'll learn

This course covers the fundamentals of capital planning and the need for a Building Condition Assessment. Learn how to schedule maintenance and repairs, and incorporate those plans into the budgeting process so you福彩app是正规的吗r organization is prepared to fund ongoing maintenance and replacement projects. Participants will have a strong foundation for moving on to apply the principles of capital planning to their own building(s), which is explored in Capital Planning 101.

Time commitment

Course contains approximately 20 hours of material to review and activities to complete.  You will have up to 12 weeks to complete this course. You can progress through the course at you福彩app是正规的吗r own pace.  You can log in to review the material, take the quizzes, participate in the forum discussions and complete the final assignment when it is convenient for you福彩app是正规的吗. Having said that, we do encourage you福彩app是正规的吗 to stick to the posted weekly schedule so that most participants will be working on the same topic at roughly the same time.


This is an entry-level course and no prior knowledge of capital planning is necessary. As an online course, participant must have basic computer skills, access to a computer with internet access and a modern, safe browser. We recommend Chrome, but any updated browser will work. This course is provided in English and requires reading and writing at a Grade 8 level.

Start and end dates

February 24, 2020 - May 17, 2020


(Free) for members and for non-members

This course is funded by BC Housing and is free for all non-profit housing providers in BC, including BCNPHA members and non-members.

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