Energy Management and Retrofit Coaching

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Our team can help you福彩app是正规的吗 build you福彩app是正规的吗r society to identify efficiency opportunities, evaluate options, implement options and monitor you福彩app是正规的吗r success.

Energy Audits:

      • Let us hunt for energy savings in you福彩app是正规的吗r building and help you福彩app是正规的吗 find rebates! Contact us for an Energy Audit at We’ll visit you福彩app是正规的吗r building and let you福彩app是正规的吗 know what’s possible for retrofits, what rebates are available and what to do next. And we do this all for free.

Retrofit Coaching:

      • Looking to renovate? BCNPHA is here to help! We help non-profit housing providers identify energy efficiency opportunities, evaluate funding and equipment options, and successfully implement projects. Our team has the latest information on rebate programs and incentives, and can help you福彩app是正规的吗 determine eligibility, develop a business case and guide you福彩app是正规的吗 through the application process.


      • How energy efficient is you福彩app是正规的吗r building?  Benchmarking is an energy management tool that provides a metric to help answer this question. It allows you福彩app是正规的吗 to compare you福彩app是正规的吗r building’s energy performance over time, against other buildings in you福彩app是正规的吗r portfolio, against other buildings in the non-profit sector and against industry standards. You will be able to tell where you福彩app是正规的吗r building stands, and target resources to the buildings with the greatest need. BCNPHA offers a free benchmarking service with the EPA’s Portfolio Manager.

Kiwanis North Shore Housing Society is very grateful for the work the asset management team at BCNPHA have undertaken on guiding us through the energy audit process. Our team has learned a lot and we can ascribe this to BCNPHA’s enthusiasm, dedication and skill. We look forward to continue to work with BCNPHA and we encourage other non profit housing providers to take advantage of the asset management team’s efforts with regards to this program. Thank you福彩app是正规的吗.

– Joseph Stoltz, Executive Director, Kiwanis North Shore Housing Society

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